KGL Subsidiaries

KGL Group is a highly focused group of companies, with interests in Technology Innovation, Logistics, Trade, Finance, Property Development, Gaming and Commerce.

The company commands a network of specialized business units that promote efficient and effective tech-based related services to its customers across Ghana and the UK. KGL Group’ expansion is based on carefully planned corporate strategy that relies on its core competencies and sustainable growth plans.

KGL Technology Limited

‘We do IT
At KGL Technology, we harness Digital for growth. Constantly exploring opportunities to innovate using technology and proffering sustainable tech-based solutions for forward-looking institutions seeking operational efficiency and productivity to improve bottom line.
For Every Challenge, There Are Possible Solutions. Only One Works Best. Crafting Tech Solutions Fit For Your Business.
KGL Technology, an affiliate of KGL, was initially launched as the IT Solutions arm for KGL and its group of companies, yet KGL Tech has expanded and diversified its client base and is now a specialized integrated IT Solutions provider.

KGL Technology provides IT Solutions to key industries: Lottery, E-Games, Transportation, Agriculture, Banking and Finance. KGL Tech’s dedicated, skilled and power-driven teams, whose core cultural values are based on respect, integrity and achievement, provide the operational competencies that have enabled KGL Tech deliver value for institutions to retain customers as well as expand their client base.

KGL Tech provides entities with specialized IT solutions including Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS), Enterprise Network Solutions (ENS), Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS), Location Based and Transportation Solutions, Financial and Payment Solutions (FPS), Managed Services Solutions, and a Project Management Office (specialized in the full management of IT projects). These solutions are tailor-made for each client and are geared toward improving the client’s business efficiency with the highest standards at the lowest cost.

KGL Capital (UK) Limited

‘Tomorrow, Today’
Tomorrow’s outlook is ultimately shaped by decisions made today. KGL Capital Limited (UK) understands this, and with its proven industry experience coupled with expertise across alternative investments will help you make right investment decisions to safeguard the future.
Smart Investments, Better Returns.

KGL Foundation

‘Impacting Lives’
Corporate responsibility is a bedrock of KGL Group’s operations. KGL Foundation reflects the commitment of the Group to providing sustainable social intervention programmes in the fields of sports, health, education, culture and arts in Ghana. Making a lasting difference across, bringing hope, joy and leaving everything we touch better.
Inspiring Sustainable Change, One Life at A Time, Via KGL Foundation’s Lend-A-Hand Projects.

Keed Ghana Limited

‘Excitement Driven’
In partnership with KEED, our e-gaming development hub, we’ve provided Ghana’s premier online and mobile gaming platforms on the back of the most robust technical platform.

Creating entertainment and an avenue for consumers to create fortune every day. Lottery on the go or multiple chances to win? KEED gaming puts the control right in your hands.
Gaming Designed to Thrill. Enter A World of Gaming Re-Defined.

Powered By KEED.

Birchfield (Ghana) Limited

‘Yours, Delivered’
Birchfield, an affiliate of KGL Group, core business is the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging and synchronizing supply with demand.

As experts in the movements of good and materials, we deliver quality cost-competitive supply chain services, integrated logistics transportation and property development services across regions to propel growth.
What You Need, When You Want it, Where You Need It Keeping Your Business Moving Forward, Always. Birchfield.

Birchfield Investments Limited

‘Agriculture and Commerce’
Birchfield investments Limited, an affiliate of KGL Group, has inherited over xxxxx years of experience from Birchfield xxxxxxxx.

The company has grown to become a key player in the investment market across the xxxxxx regions with branch operations in Ghana, xxxxxx and xxxxxx.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Birchfield Investments.
KGL Group started operations in 2018 and since grown to current staff strength of 100+ local Ghanaian workforce, priding itself in actively recruiting class leading talent across multiple disciplines.

Significant investments in top-in-class platform solutions and vendor partnerships, both local and abroad with a client and strategic partner scope spanning multiple sectors across different sectors Private, Public, Government and Non-Profits.

Corporate responsibility is a bedrock of KGL Group’s operations.

Our social accountability goes beyond giving back a percentage of profit to society; but encompasses the deliberate monitoring of the Group’s business operations to ensure value provision across all aspects: economic, social change, environmental.