Corporate Governance

Corporate citizenship is KGL Group’s lifetime commitment to going beyond business as usual, setting clear benchmarks and focusing on tangible results that would address social and environmental issues by employing the same goals, strategies and accountabilities that drive business across all our subsidiaries.

At KGL Group, we are aware that for our business to prosper and attain sustainability, it is critical that we leverage our resources, services and expertise and engage our employees actively and effectively to address important issues such as the environment, health, education, sports, community development, culture and arts. We work in full collaboration with public and non-profit organizations to make people’s lives brighter and attain sustainability.


Education is vital to usher progress and development among individuals and across communities.

KGL Group takes great pride in seeking every opportunity to help in the advancement of education across communities we serve by providing educational materials and scholarships grants to deserving students as well as sponsoring educational events, programs and initiatives.


Sustainability for us means acting responsibly on behalf of future generations to achieve economic, environmental and social progress.

KGL Group is seizing unparalleled opportunities to promote the sustainable development of our customers and our own organization.

We adopt pro-environment policies and strategies to promote eco-balance and spearhead environmental events and initiatives.

We encourage our own employees to be good citizens in all communities we operate in by inculcating in them the passion and spirit of volunteerism.

Profitable long-term growth is our aim and this goes along with a sustainable society and environment.

Arts & Culture

KGL Group strongly supports the promotion and protection of our rich heritage.

Through our patronage of the arts, cultural sponsorship and protection of heritage sites across the diverse communities in which we do business.

At KGL Group, we recognize the importance of cultural promotion and preservation in sustaining a societies identity and development.

Sports Development

At KGL, we are passionate supporters of sports.

Investing in national sports development across multiple disciplines, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and currently as proud official sponsors of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Ghana national men’s football team, the Black Stars.

KGL Group also plays an active in sustaining society’s development by organizing and sponsoring sports events geared toward the promotion of optimum health, fitness and well-being of individuals.